Digital services that are smarter, more agile and more human-centered

Prepared for a future that is already digital

The main challenge of today's digital economy

Today, businesses are facing new challenges that require to adapt rapidly to fast changing and highly competitive environments. This includes transforming businesses, developing new skills, competencies, as well as protecting and managing sensitive information and data.

At LAUDE, we provide technology consulting and support to facilitate the success of our clients, in reaching their business objectives.

Our mission is to become a top provider of digital solutions in the coming years. We have the technical expertise and experience needed to offer our customers a range of digital services including solutions, competencies, and agile, innovative and human-centered projects.

Our history

LAUDE is the alliance of various leading companies in their respective markets. Together, we have over 20 years of experience and a team of over 300 highly skilled professionals who have worked on projects in Europe and America.

Our expertise and backgropund have helped us build strong partnerships with major clients from different ecosystems, enabling us to collaborate in the development of new products and services

We are a member of the Alastria Consortium Association and have Innovation Hubs in Madrid, Malaga, Canary Islands, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee brings dynamism to LAUDE and is the body responsible for directing our development and monitoring our evolution in line with the company's overall strategy