Applied Intelligence

Extracting the value within the data

Improving decision-making through AI and Data Analytics

The use of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis allows for the impovement of the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations. This can include, for example, the use of Machine Learning algorithms to analyze very large amounts of data, the implementation of chatbots to improve customer service, or the automation of repetitive tasks to increase productivity.

However, our real value proposition is the ability to help our clients effectively  integrate, manage, present, and analyze their business data.

In addition, we use historical data to help predict and plan for the future, which can give businesses a competitive edge. This involves not just looking at past and present data, but also using it to inform future decision making.

Integración y gestión de datos

Data management & integration 

Data Strategy focused on business goals

  • Master Data Management (MDM).
  • Data Governance.
  • Data Virtualization and Data Federation.
  • Open Data Integration.
  • Data Migration and Data Quality.
  • Building and Operation of Data Marts and Data Warehouses.
  • Data Lake Architecture and Implementation.
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence that strengthens decision-making

  • Management, audit and benchmark of BI and BA tools.
  • Dashboards on COTS tools.
  • Integración de entornos de visualización.
  • Data visualization and analysis as a service: including CdM and Reports.
  • BI support for business audits.
  • Definition of KPIs and other indicators.
  • Identifying factors that can predict future outcomes.
Machine Learning

Machine Learning & Automation

Improving business efficiency through innovative solutions

  • Design and construction of predictive models.
  • NLP/NLU solutions: speech, text and social analysis.
  • Management of Predictive Analytics tools.
  • Big Data Mining services.
  • Continous support for decision making and analytics assets as a service.
  • Engineering and operation of machine learning models (ML Ops).