Commited to the growth of our team

Our diverse team is made of people who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and who contribute with their unique experiences.
We all share a passion for discovery, innovation and like to meet new challenges head-on.


Long track record, stable and well-stablished company with opportunities for personal and professional growth

Ongoing learning

We value on-the-job-training and education and offer resources and opportunities that help our professionals to get ahead

Positive people

A positive-minded and dynamic team that is enriched by a variety of personal experiences and encourages the sharing of innovative and transformative ideas

Creating value

We encourage everyone to improve and participate in innovative and attractive projects in the tech industry

Come join a great team

At LAUDE we resort to the latest technologies and working methodologies to create a professional environment focused on excellence.

We are always looking for motivated individuals to join us in tackling new challenges and transforming the world for the better. If you want to know more about the job opportunities currently open at LAUDE, please visit our Carreers page.

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