Integrated Management System Policy

Quality, Environmental and Information Security Policy

Version 1.0
23 January 2023

The Laude Technology Company S.L., hereinafter LAUDE, is an international and independent technology consultancy that provides a series of services, solutions, developments and digital competencies integrated under a model of Applied Technology Knowledge respectful of the environment and society. Its main clients belong to areas such as telecommunications, public administrations and industry and services, although it also provides its services in other ecosystems such as finance, energy and utilities or emerging sectors.

LAUDE's mission is to drive the digital transformation of its clients through its technological know-how, innovative solutions and excellent human capital.

LAUDE's vision is to be a reference leader in the telecommunications, services and public administration sectors, recognized for the excellence and innovation of its applied intelligence services, competitive agility and cloud computing.

LAUDE is the result of the union of two companies with a proven track record in their markets. Together they have more than 20 years of experience with a team of more than 300 professional experts and projects in Europe and America.

On the way to achieving the vision and to better adapt and respond to the needs and requirements of customers and other stakeholders, LAUDE has implemented an Integrated Management System whose main principles are:

  1. Strive to meet and satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers within the framework of efficiency, information security and respect for the environment.
  2. Comply with all legal, contractual and regulatory requirements applicable at all levels (national, regional and local) as well as any other requirements that LAUDE subscribes due to the activity carried out and the geographical location.
  3. Guarantee our clients an agile and efficient service, providing solutions, services and skills that meet the highest standards of quality and information security.
  4. Promote the continuous improvement of the integrated management system and its effectiveness, ensuring its permanent adaptation to the company's context.
  5. Permanent commitment to innovation in techniques, technologies and methodologies related to our services.
  6. Share and involve our staff in the company's mission and maintain and constantly improve their professional training.
  7. Involve our collaborators in the commitment to quality, environmental and information security and continuous improvement in order to build a mutually beneficial relationship.
  8. Demonstrate leadership by management, ensuring that policy and objectives are established and are consistent with the strategic direction of the organization.

Environmental protection and respect is one of LAUDE's main objectives, and by combining the appropriate and necessary balance between business objectives and environmental conservation and improvement, we refer to the following environmental principles:

  1. The integration of the environmental variable and circular economy in LAUDE's operational and global management activities, in order to maximize resources and reduce pollution and damage to the environment.
  2. Protecting the environment and preventing pollution by updating and monitoring environmental management systems, as well as objectives and targets.
  3. Minimize the environmental effects produced as a consequence of the activity carried out in the offices.
  4. Train, motivate and involve all staff in the management and sustainable development with the Environmental Management System implemented, promoting awareness of protection through training, information and appropriate awareness.
  5. Proactively and positively influencing the behavior of its main suppliers and collaborators, promoting the adoption of environmentally responsible behavior..

Finally, the technological and innovative scope of LAUDE's activity, the social and business structure, the current legislation, the generation of external and internal trust and ethical principles are some of the motivations for positioning information security as a priority requirement for LAUDE, with the following principles:

  1. Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information managed by LAUDE, especially the information provided by customers for the provision of the service, with emphasis on the communications of information and its subsequent processing.
  2. Ensure the availability of information systems, both in the services offered to customers and in internal management.
  3. Implement effective and efficient security measures, in accordance with the level of risk acceptance and available resources.
  4. Train, raise awareness and motivate staff on the importance of complying with ISMS requirements through the organization's policies and procedures.
  5. To rely on close collaboration with providers and collaborators in security matters, communicating to them the need to comply with the established security requirements.
  6. Ensure the ability to respond to an emergency or a disaster situation, restoring the operation of critical services in the shortest time possible.
  7. Act in an appropriate and integrated manner to prevent, detect and respond to incidents that may affect information security.
  8. To review and evaluate the security of the information systems on a regular basis, both internally and externally, taking the necessary measures to correct any deviations that may be detected..

This Integrated Quality, Environment and Information Security Policy is the reference framework used by management for setting and monitoring annual objectives and is reviewed periodically to maintain its relevance and validity.

All members of LAUDE assume these principles and the responsibility to put them into action. Management will promote the improvement of the system, and will assign the necessary resources to ensure its successful implementation in LAUDE.

LAUDE's Executive Committee