Energy & Utilities

Driving change

Making digital transformation possible in a constantly changing and heavily regulated market

energiaThe shift in the Energy Industry's business model requires companies to transform, in order to optimize processes and become more efficient in a market, that is defined by heavy regulations and intense competition.

Our tech intelligence allows for increased efficiency in management and distribution, improved system security, better reliability, and reduced operating and maintenance costs.

In addition, it increases flexibility to adapt to changing market needs, and reinforces system security and reliability.

However, the main value of our technological know-how lies in facilitating continous improvement of customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Working together with our clients, makes it possible to design, implement and maintain specific solutions through services built on AI, ML, IoT, Cloud, automation or Blockchain that open new oportunities.


  • Generation
  • Distribution
  • Selling
  • Network management
  • Billing, payment and fraud management